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Art Exhibit VoGH Website 2022

Welcome to our first website art exhibit, featuring our member artists.  After our successful 2019 exhibit at the Amagansett Library, we wanted to continue in a Covid-safe, winter-warm location.  Each exhibiting artist sent us their image to show here.  All art work is available for sale.  If interested, contact artist directly.  Scroll down and enjoy.

Please note, the image may not be in exact proportions to the original in order to fit within parameters of the website.

Barbara Groot

"Stacking the Deck'
24" x 24" framed
Acrylic on canvas
Contact:  [email protected]

Rosa Hanna Scott

"Master Bass Player"
21" x 27"
Contact:  [email protected], 631-324-0384​​​​​

Lorraine Papacosta

Can be printed any size
Contact: [email protected]

Judith Wit

"A New Day"
14" x 17"
Magic Marker on paper
Contact:  [email protected]

Karen Simon

23" x 30"
Acrylic and charcoal 
Contact:  [email protected], simondoes.com

Suzanne Sylvor

"Busy Bee"
Can be printed any size
Contact:  [email protected]

Ronnie Grill

"Pollution in Our Waters"
24" x 24"
Mixed Media
Contact:  [email protected]​​​​​​

Carol David

"The Way Here"
14" x 12"
Contact:  [email protected]

Nancy Brody

"Wiborg Dusk"
17" x 17" framed, 12" x 12" unframed
Watercolor on paper
Contact:  [email protected], 646-263-8560

Susannah Weinbaum

8" x 6"
Watercolor and ink on paper
Contact:  [email protected]

Dale Grant

"Almost Square"
20" x 30" unframed
Acrylic on canvas
Contact:  [email protected]

Laurie Adler

"Spring Fling" necklace
Adjustable 17-20 inches
Acrylic beads and purple wire
Contact: [email protected], 917-653-1463, www.laurieadlerdesigns.etsy.com​​​​​​​

Ursula Thomas

37" x 24"
Ink and watercolor on ricepaper
Contact:  [email protected]

Elli Dukofsky

Collage with graphite
9" x 9"
Contact:  [email protected], 917-922-4572

Pamela Abrahams

"The Shape of Water"
7" x 5" x2 "
Hand built stoneware vessels with beach glass tops
Contact:  [email protected], PMA Designs

Irwin Weinbaum

30" x 40"
Acrylic on canvas
Contact:  [email protected]

Maris Elman

"Karen's Garden"
12.5" x 18.5"
Contact:  [email protected]


What we did...

11 events included private tours: Guild Hall Museum, Thomas Moran House, and many other local sites.


What's coming up?

Artist Studio Tours, local sites, local gardens,  Art Exhibit VoGH Website 2022, and other surprises.

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